At Fireside Home and Patio we are your grilling authority. We want to make your outdoor eating and grilling experience the best that it can be with the top quality BBQ's and Smokers available on the Canadian market. We will work closely with you to determine the right BBQ and/or smoker for you and your grilling needs.


What We Do


We feature premier BBQ grills from high quality brands including Green Mountain Grills, Sabre, Blaze BBQs, and Everdure BBQs. Looking at your grilling needs, we offer a wide range of products including gas grills, accessories and outdoor kitchens.


If you absolutely love eating fall of the bone, tender meat, than you need a BBQ smoker. We carry some of the best brands available including Kamado Joe and GMG. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a BBQ Smoker including durability, value and performance. At Fireside Home and Patio, we guide you through and assist you with finding the perfect BBQ Smoker for your needs.